Did you get an email from us?

posted: by: Bob Sinclair Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

We are in the process of working with a new system to handle reminders for vaccines, appointments, and other services. In an attempt to keep our costs down we will be moving away from mailed postcard reminders wherever possible. So you may get an email from us with a reminder. You may get an email explaining that we are starting to set up this new process. Or you may get an email telling you that we have set you up a Pet Portal to help manage your pet's healthcare.

If you have visited us at both haw Creek Animal Hospital and Meridian Animal Hospital it is possible you will receive some of this communication twice! Please bear with us while we get this new system set up. Please give it a try; we think it will help everyone once we all get used to it and you can always opt out of some or all of it later on! And please be assured that we will not send you tons of unnecessary emails and we will never share your email with others without your permission!